Introducing AllSnooker.Info - software that is useful both to snooker fans and people betting on snooker. The software includes the results of main snooker tournaments since 1994.

Main features:

  • Statistical data on any player, his past games at the competitions at different levels, current rank, won and lost deciders, his star sign, current biorhythms and a lot of other useful information;

  • Displays results of any snooker tournament per game and as a tournament draw;

  • Compares statistics of 2 snooker players as well as displaying their head-to-head statistics including the score and totals of separate matches;

  • Possibility to export data preserving the original colours to Microsoft Excel where it can be saved and converted to another format or emailed;

  • Bookmakers odds on the past and upcoming games;

  • Recordkeeping and analysis of your snooker bets;

  • Daily result updates via Internet which means you will always have the latest snooker results and relevant data for analyzing the upcoming games.

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