Snooker... A beautiful and exciting sport... A sport that not only has a huge numbers of fans in the country where it originated - the UK, but also rapidly becoming more and more popular all around the world.

      In snooker you won't see team fights like in ice-hockey, mad joy because of the scored goal like in football or players breaking their rackets with rage like in tennis. It's the real gentlemen who play snooker. Eccentric Ronnie O'Sullivan, calm and self-confident Stephen Hendry, the man who has long achieved all possible heights but continuing to please us with his game - Steve Davis, the "unexpected" 2005 World champion Shaun Murphy, ambitious youth - Allen, Robertson, Ding. The game of these and many other snooker players rouses admiration and rivets the attention of millions of televiewers who can follow most of the snooker tournaments live on TV.

      Snooker is deservedly called "chess in motion". Those who have seen how the great masters play, with the cue ball, bouncing off the rails, pocketing the object balls, as though being lead along an invisible thread, will definitely agree...

      Introducing AllSnooker.Info - software that is useful both to snooker fans and people betting on snooker. The software includes the results of main snooker tournaments since 1994.

Main features:

  • Statistical data on any player, his past games at the competitions at different levels, current rank, won and lost deciders, his star sign, current biorhythms and a lot of other useful information;

  • Displays results of any snooker tournament per game and as a tournament draw;

  • Compares statistics of 2 snooker players as well as displaying their head-to-head statistics including the score and totals of separate matches;

  • Possibility to export data preserving the original colours to Microsoft Excel where it can be saved and converted to another format or emailed;

  • Bookmakers odds on the past and upcoming games;

  • Recordkeeping and analysis of your snooker bets;

  • Daily result updates via Internet which means you will always have the latest snooker results and relevant data for analyzing the upcoming games.

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